waitress : Good morning, welcome to Edinburgh restaurant, how many people are coming with you?
Caty : Just my self
Waitress : Follow me, please
Have a sit please.
Caty : Could you tell me the menu please?
Waitress : Oh, This is Miss.
Are you ready to order now ?
Caty : Not yet, I’ll called you if ready to order.
Two minutes ago
Caty : Waitress?
Waitress : Oh yes miss, may I take your order?
Caty : Yess, I’ll have some pancakes.
Waitress : What favour would you like?
Caty : Hmm, Strawberry favour.
Waiterss : Would you care anything to drink?
Caty : I’d like orange juice.
Waitress : Anything else?
Caty : Yes
Waitress : Ok miss, let me repeat your order,
Some pancakes with strawberry favour and orange juice.
Caty : Ok
Waitress : All right, your order will be ready in ten minutes.
Wairess : Ok miss this is your order
Some pancakes with strawberry favour and orange juice
Caty : Okay thank you
Waitress : Enjoy your meal, if you anything just raise your hand.