Turn arround
> To go back in the opposide direction.
example : Turn around! We just passed the theater.

Turn Down
> To lower the power of something, such as lights or volume.
Example : Turn down the TV! it’s too loud.

< To enter a road, especially a secondary road throught of as leading to a lower place.
Example : You need to turn down this road and continue to the bottom of the hill.

Turn In
< To leave a street or highway and enter a driveway, parking, lot.
Example : I think you can turn in here, where the sign says PARK.
< To go bed
Lawrence usually turns in around 70.00 P.M becaus ehe wakes up so early.

Turn Into
< To become (used with nouns)
Example : Jason got a promotion and turned into a real jerk!

Turn off
< To stop an electronic devide.
Example : Turn off the TV, because I can’t sleep with it on.
< To exit a road or freeway
Example : I think you should turn off at the next exit

Turn On
< To start an electronic device.
Example : Our show is on in two minutes, so turn on the TV.
To drive onto s street, highway, or freeway.
Example : Why don’t we turn on this road and just see where it goes