Anggi : Hello bulan, long time no see. How are you?
Bulan : Hy Anggi. I’m fine too. What about you anggi?
Anggi : I’m fine too. Btw, have you ever hear about success philosophy?
Bulan : I’m sorry anggi, I don’t know.
Elisa : Hy guys, what are you talking about?
Bulan : Both of us talking about success philosophy, do you know about that?
Elisa : In my oppinion, we mush be far our self from weak think. How about you anggi?
Anggi : Begin to love ourself, then give a meaning that I have a good future.
Bulan : Oh, I had know about historians philosophy, they said all real success, surely the journey, like fishing without bait.
Elisa : So, the conclusionis part some people say that the opportunityjust come once, that is wrong, the oppurtunity always come but we must be already to perceive that.
Anggi : Yes, and don’t be affraid to see your future, but look at around you with full consciounsness.
Elisa : Alright, maybe until here our conversation about I must be go right now. See you friend
Anggi & Bulan : So long…