Modal Example Uses
Can They can control their own budgets. Ability / Possibility
We can’t fix it. Inability / Impossibility
Can I smoke here? Asking for permission
Can you help me? Request

Could Could I borrow your dictionary? Asking for permission

Could you say it again more slowly? Request                                      

We could try to fix it ourselves. Suggestion

I think we could have another Gulf War. Future possibility

He gave up his old job so he could work for us. Ability in the past

May May I have another cup of coffee? Asking for permission

China may become a major economic power. Future possibility

Might We’d better phone tomorrow, Present possibility
they might be eating their dinner now.
They might give us a 10% discount. Future possibility

Must We must say good-bye now. Necessity / Obligation

They mustn’t disrupt the work more than Prohibition